Detoxify Herbal Capsules

Active Ingredients: Artichoke, boldo, java tea, milk thistle, papaya, dandelion, limetree wood, mouse ear, horse radish, rosemary E.O.

Helps weight loss and eliminates toxins.

PHYTESCENS Is a nutritional synergistic of 9 vegetable concentrates boosted with Rosemary essential oil designed to cleanse your system. It helps detoxification by the liver, the intestine and kidneys, cleansing the body from toxicity accumulated from poor diet, lack of exercise, illness or drugs.

PHYTESCENS refreshes the body and rebalances all the internal organs. May help to protect against headaches, allergenic reactions and other skin conditions coming from stress and liver intoxication. Helps weight loss and the reduction of triglycerides and cholesterol.

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