Elasticite is an advanced botanical gel proven in European clinical studies to permanently diminish and fade old and new stretch marks. Each drop is power-packed with phyto- nutrients and antioxidants. Elasticite is non greasy and highly absorbable, penetrating beneath the surface of the skin. Where applied, micro circulation is increased, promoting new production of Collagen and Elastin in the damaged tissue area.

This patented formula was developed by Europe's leading cosmetic chemist, Dr Jacques Vernin. Dr Vernin, formulated cosmetics and dermatology treatments for many of the most recognized companies in Europe and the United States.

Dermaceutical gel
Active Ingredients: Horsetail, ivy, lady’s mantle

Helps reduce stretch-marks and restores damaged skin to health, in a highly concentrated formula; up to 45% vegetable actives in the finished product. This ultra-potent and innovative formula reactivates the cells that produce all the elements of a healthy connective tissue. 92% success in prevention and 56% to 87% success on old stretch-marks have been the results of a clinical study involving 114 women; after six weeks of a twice a day application on stretch-marks.

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